Blooket Two of Spades is an uncommon blook that cannot be obtained by default. Instead, it must be unlocked through a box known as the Wonderland (🏰) box. With a drop rate of 15.2%, acquiring this blook is a thrilling challenge for players. Once obtained, the Two of Spades can be sold for 5 tokens, making it a valuable asset in the virtual realm.

Two of Spades Blooket
Two of Spades Blooket

Unlocking the Two of Spades

To gain access to the Two of Spades, players need to acquire the Wonderland (🏰) box. This special box contains various surprises, including the coveted Two of Spades blook. The drop rate of 15.2% adds an element of anticipation and excitement to the unlocking process. Players can increase their chances by opening multiple boxes or using specific strategies.

Tower of Doom (TOD) Stats

By default, the Two of Spades has the following Tower of Doom (TOD) stats:

  • Strength: 7
  • Charisma: 10
  • Wisdom: 16

These stats serve as the foundation for the blook’s abilities and can be further enhanced or diminished through the use of different cards.

Two of Spades Blook
Two of Spades Blook
Drop Rate15.2%
Obtain FromWonderland Box
Game ModeTower of Doom, Factory, Crazy Kingdom

Buffing and Debuffing Cards

Several cards in the game can buff or debuff the stats of the Two of Spades Blooket. These cards play a crucial role in optimizing the blook’s performance. Here are a few examples:

  • Pink Hippo (Buff)
  • Dave’s Doggo (Buff)
  • Anorak’s Wizard Cap (Buff)
  • King’s Crown (Debuff)
  • Sacred Scroll (Buff)
  • Cozy Igloo (Debuff)

Strategically using these cards can significantly impact the effectiveness of the Two of Spades in various game scenarios.

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Factory Stats

Blooket Two of Spades’s factory generates a steady income of $4.5k every 1 second. This consistent revenue stream can provide players with a financial advantage, allowing them to invest in other aspects of the game.

Crazy Kingdom Overview

In the Crazy Kingdom, the Two of Spades presents players with intriguing choices. When confronted by the blook, players can respond with either a yes or a no. Depending on their choice, different outcomes unfold:

  • Saying yes to the Two of Spades results in +17 Happiness, providing a positive boost to the overall game experience.
  • However, saying yes may also lead to unexpected consequences. The Two of Spades has the ability to give citizens paper cuts, resulting in -7 people and -13 happiness. Players must carefully consider the potential risks involved.
  • Alternatively, the Two of Spades may attempt to scam players’ people, granting +15 gold while simultaneously causing -15 happiness. This scamming mechanic introduces an element of unpredictability and challenges players to weigh the pros and cons of accepting the blook’s offer.
Blooket Two of Spades
Blooket Two of Spades

Fishing Frenzy Overview

In the popular Fishing Frenzy game, the Two of Spades takes on a different role. Here’s an overview of its characteristics in the game:

  • Tier: F, D, and C
  • Chance of being fished up: 5%
  • Minimum weight: 1 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 10 lbs
  • Most common weights: 2 and 3 lbs

While the Two of Spades may not be the most sought-after catch in Fishing Frenzy, it still adds to the excitement and variety of the gameplay.


The Two of Spades is an uncommon blook that unlocks unique possibilities in various virtual realms. Whether you’re exploring the Tower of Doom, engaging in the Crazy Kingdom, or embarking on a fishing adventure in Fishing Frenzy, this blook offers diverse experiences. Its unlocking process, stats, and interactions provide players with intriguing challenges and opportunities. Keep an eye out for the Two of Spades and discover the many surprises it holds!


Can the Two of Spades be obtained in any other way besides the Wonderland box?

No, the Wonderland box is the only means of unlocking the Two of Spades.

What is the drop rate of the Two of Spades?

The drop rate of the Two of Spades is 15.2%.

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