Blooket Tim the Alien

In the world of Pokemon, exciting events bring forth unique and extraordinary creatures. One such creature is Blooket Tim the Alien, a blook awarded in the Pokemon Are Cool Event (PAC). Tim the Alien stands out as one of the first blooks to be awarded from an external event, making it a highly coveted and special addition to any collection.

Blooket Tim the Alien
Blooket Tim the Alien

Tim the Alien Blooket: A Unique and Exclusive Blook

Tim the Alien is not your ordinary blook. It takes the form of a reskin of the popular UFO blook but comes with captivating animations and distinctive features. The blook features a rotating cow blook, a spaceship in various colors, and, most notably, a green Alien named Tim. This combination of elements creates an eye-catching and memorable design that sets Tim the Alien apart from its counterparts.

The Story Behind Blooket Tim the Alien

Reskin of the UFO Blook

Tim the Alien Blook takes inspiration from the classic UFO blook design. However, it goes beyond a mere reskin. The creators have reimagined the blook to be animated, bringing life and movement to the cow, spaceship, and, of course, Tim himself. This dynamic and engaging design adds an extra layer of appeal to Tim the Alien.

Animated and Eye-Catching Design

The animated nature of Tim the Alien makes it even more appealing to collectors and enthusiasts. The rotating cow blook, with its whimsical charm, draws attention and adds a touch of playfulness to the blook. The different colored spaceship further enhances the visual appeal, making Tim the Alien a true standout among other blooks.

Tim the Alien Blook
Tim the Alien Blook
Drop RateAwarded
Obtain From1st Place In PAC Event
Game ModeFishing Frenzy

Meet Tim, the Green Alien

At the heart of Tim the Alien is the lovable green Alien character named Tim. Tim adds personality and charm to the blook, making it a delightful addition to any collection. This friendly extraterrestrial is sure to capture the hearts of Pokemon fans and blook enthusiasts alike.

Rarity and Availability

Tim the Alien is a highly sought-after blook due to its limited availability. With only a few lucky winners obtaining this prized blook, its rarity is undeniable. Currently, okr765 and painbow are the fortunate owners of Tim the Alien, having tied for first place in the Pokemon Are Cool Event. This exclusivity and scarcity contribute to the blook’s desirability and prestige.

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The Challenge of Obtaining Tim the Alien

As one of the rarest blooks to obtain, Tim the Alien poses a significant challenge for collectors. The arduous task of acquiring this blook adds to its allure. Its scarcity has created a competitive environment where collectors strive to be among the few lucky individuals who can claim ownership of Tim the Alien.

Tim the Alien on Mobile

Tim the Alien Blook brings its uniqueness to the mobile platform as well. On certain mobile devices, the cow may appear larger than the background, creating an interesting visual effect. This quirk adds an extra dimension of fascination and unpredictability to the blook, making it all the more captivating.

Tim the Alien Blooket
Tim the Alien Blooket

The Fascinating World of Blooks

Blooks, short for “block looks,” have become a phenomenon within the Pokemon universe. These virtual creatures have captured the attention of trainers and collectors worldwide. Blooks come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal. Tim the Alien stands out as a shining example of the creativity and imagination that goes into creating these captivating creatures.

With their distinct appearance and limited availability, blooks like Tim the Alien have become highly sought-after items in the Pokemon community. Collectors eagerly await the opportunity to add these exclusive blooks to their collections, making them prized possessions and symbols of their dedication and love for the game.

The vibrant and animated nature of blooks adds an element of excitement to the Pokemon world. Trainers and collectors can showcase their unique blooks, trade them with others, or use them in battles to impress opponents and demonstrate their prowess. Tim the Alien Blooket, with its mesmerizing design and charismatic green Alien companion, is sure to turn heads and spark conversations wherever it goes.


Tim the Alien is a remarkable blook awarded during the Pokemon Are Cool Event (PAC). Its reskin of the UFO blook, animated features, and endearing character, Tim the Alien, make it a highly coveted and special addition to any Pokemon collection. With its rarity and limited availability, obtaining Tim the Alien presents a thrilling challenge for collectors. Its unique visual effects on mobile devices further enhance its appeal. Dive into the fascinating world of blooks and discover the joy of owning this extraordinary creature.


How can I obtain Tim the Alien blook?

Tim the Alien is awarded during the Pokemon Are Cool Event (PAC), and obtaining it requires participating in the event and achieving top rankings.

How much does Tim the Alien blook sell for?

Tim the Alien blook sells for 1,000 tokens, reflecting its exclusivity and desirability.

Who currently owns Tim the Alien blook?

The current owners of Tim the Alien blook are okr765 and painbow, as they tied for first place in the PAC event.

Can I showcase my Tim the Alien blook in battles?

Absolutely! Tim the Alien, like other blooks, can be used in battles, allowing you to demonstrate its unique charm and stand out from other trainers.

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