Blooket UFO

The world of blooks is vast and filled with mysteries. Among the rarest and most sought-after blooks is the Blooket UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). This extraordinary blook is not available by default and can only be unlocked through a special mechanism known as the Space Box. With a drop rate of 10%, obtaining the UFO Blook is a thrilling endeavor for collectors and enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will explore the secrets of the UFO Blook, its rare variant Tim The Alien, and delve into its captivating appearance that has taken the blook market by storm.

Blooket UFO
Blooket UFO

The Space Box: Gateway to Unlocking the UFO Blook

The Space Box serves as the gateway to unlocking the enigmatic UFO Blook. It is a coveted item that holds the key to discovering this extraordinary blook. Players can obtain the Space Box through various in-game activities, such as completing challenging quests or participating in special events. Once in possession of the Space Box, players have the opportunity to unlock the UFO Blook and unleash its awe-inspiring potential.

The Mystical Rarity: Tim The Alien Variant

Among the UFO Blook family, there exists a mystical rarity variant known as Tim The Alien. This variant introduces a fascinating twist to the appearance of the alien housed within the blook. Tim The Alien resembles the Alien Blook more closely, with a captivating gif of a cow being sucked up and spinning, creating an otherworldly spectacle. This variant adds a touch of mystique and intrigue to the already captivating UFO Blooket.

UFO Blook
UFO Blook
Drop Rate10%
Obtain FromSpace Box
Game ModeFactory, Fishing Frenzy

The Unique Appearance of Tim The Alien

The appearance of Tim The Alien variant sets it apart from the original UFO Blook. With its resemblance to the Alien Blook, Tim The Alien carries an air of mystery and fascination. The animated gif of the cow being sucked up and spinning further enhances the uniqueness of this variant, making it a highly sought-after addition to any blook collection.

The Popularity and Value of the Blooket UFO

The UFO Blook has garnered immense popularity within the blook collector community. Its rarity and unique appearance have made it a coveted item among enthusiasts, driving up its value in the market. Collectors eagerly seek out the UFO Blook to add a touch of wonder and intrigue to their collections. Its scarcity and captivating design make it a prized possession for those fortunate enough to unlock it.

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How to Obtain the UFO Blooket

As mentioned earlier, the UFO Blooket can be obtained by unlocking the Space Box. Once players acquire the Space Box through in-game activities, they can open it to reveal the potential treasures hidden within. The UFO Blooket has a drop rate of 10% from the Space Box, making it a rare and exciting find. Players must embrace the thrill of chance and luck as they strive to unlock this extraordinary blook.

UFO Blooket
UFO Blooket

Selling and Trading the UFO Blook

The rarity and allure of the UFO Blook make it a highly desirable item in the trading market. Collectors who manage to obtain the UFO Blook often have the opportunity to sell it or trade it for other valuable blooks or in-game tokens. Due to its scarcity and demand, the Blooket UFO can sell for a significant amount of 20 tokens. Its value may fluctuate depending on the market dynamics and the overall interest from collectors and traders.

The Impact of Tim The Alien on the Blook Market

Since its introduction, the Tim The Alien variant has had a profound impact on the blook market. The unique appearance of Tim The Alien, with its striking resemblance to the Alien Blook and the mesmerizing gif of the spinning cow, has captured the attention and imagination of collectors worldwide. The introduction of this mystical rarity variant has breathed new life into the UFO Blooket, sparking renewed interest and enthusiasm among blook enthusiasts. The market has experienced increased activity and demand as collectors eagerly seek out this extraordinary variant to enhance their collections.


In the world of blooks, the Blooket UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) stands out as a rare and highly coveted blook. Unlocking this extraordinary blook through the Space Box is a thrilling pursuit for collectors. Its mystical rarity variant, Tim The Alien, further enhances its allure with its captivating appearance. The UFO Blook has captured the imagination of blook enthusiasts and holds significant value in the trading market. With its scarcity, unique design, and the enchanting gif of the spinning cow, the UFO Blook has become a treasured addition to any blook collection.

As the popularity of blooks continues to grow, the UFO Blooket remains an exceptional and sought-after item. Its rarity and the excitement of unlocking it through the Space Box add to the thrill of collecting and trading blooks. Whether it’s the original UFO Blook or the mystical Tim The Alien variant, these blooks are symbols of fascination and wonder within the virtual world.


What is the drop rate of the UFO Blook?

The drop rate of the UFO Blook is 10%.

Can the UFO Blook be obtained through other means?

No, the UFO Blook can only be unlocked through the Space Box.

How much does the UFO Blook sell for?

The UFO Blook can be sold for 20 tokens.

Are there any other variants of the UFO Blook?

Yes, there is a mystical rarity variant called Tim The Alien.

How does the appearance of the Tim The Alien variant differ from the original UFO Blook?

The Tim The Alien variant resembles the Alien Blook more closely and features a gif of a cow being sucked up and spinning.

Can the UFO Blook be traded for other blooks or in-game tokens?

Yes, due to its rarity and demand, the UFO Blook can be traded for other valuable blooks or in-game tokens.

Is the UFO Blook a popular item among blook collectors?

Yes, the UFO Blook has gained immense popularity and is highly sought-after by collectors.

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