Green Astronaut Blooket

In the world of gaming, cosmetic items hold a special place among players. These unique items not only enhance the visual appeal of characters but also serve as status symbols. One such coveted item in the popular game is the Green Astronaut Blooket.

Green Astronaut Blooket

In this article, we will explore the Green Astronaut, its rarity, and the strategies to obtain it.

What is the Green Astronaut Blooket?

The Green Astronaut is a Chroma blook, which means it is a recolor of the Astronaut character. However, unlike the default Astronaut, the Green Astronaut Blooket is not readily available. It must be unlocked from a special box known as the Space Box.

Unlocking the Green Astronaut

Green Astronaut
Drop Rate0.05%
Obtain FromSpace Box

Obtaining the Space Box

To have a chance at obtaining the Green Astronaut, players need to acquire the Space Box. The Space Box contains various rare cosmetic items, including the elusive Green Astronaut Blooket. However, it is not easy to come by, and players must follow specific steps to obtain it.

Drop Rate and Availability

The Green Astronaut has a drop rate of only 0.05% in the Space Box. Additionally, it is important to note that the Space Box is available for unlocking only on Sundays. This limited availability further adds to the challenge of obtaining the Green Astronaut Blooket.

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Features of the Green Astronaut

As mentioned earlier, the Green Astronaut is a recolor of the Astronaut character. It shares the same design and overall appearance but with a vibrant green color palette. This unique visual aesthetic sets it apart from the other characters in the game.

Another distinguishing feature of the Green Astronaut Blooket is its exclusivity to Sundays. This means that players can only obtain the Green Astronaut from the Space Box on Sundays. It adds a sense of anticipation and excitement among players as they wait for the specific day to unlock this rare cosmetic item.

Green Astronaut Blooket

Strategies to Obtain the Green Astronaut

Increase Your Luck

Given the low drop rate of the Green Astronaut Blooket, players need to increase their luck to improve their chances of obtaining it. This can be achieved by participating in special in-game events or activities that provide temporary boosts to luck or drop rates. Collaborating with other players and pooling resources can also enhance the overall chances of unlocking the Green Astronaut.

Dedicated Gameplay

Getting the Green Astronaut requires dedication and persistence. Players must be willing to invest time and effort into obtaining the Space Box, participating in Sunday unlock events, and trying their luck repeatedly. By maintaining a consistent gameplay schedule and staying committed, players increase their likelihood of finally acquiring the Green Astronaut Blookets.

The Rarity of the Green Astronaut

Limited Availability

The scarcity of the Green Astronaut contributes to its high value and desirability. With a drop rate of only 0.05% and limited availability on Sundays, it remains an extremely rare cosmetic item within the game. Players who possess the Green Astronaut Blooket can showcase their status and demonstrate their dedication and perseverance in the game.

Prestige and Status Symbol

Owning the Green Astronaut elevates a player’s status within the gaming community. It serves as a symbol of accomplishment and prestige, indicating that the player has successfully overcome the odds and obtained this highly sought-after item. Other players recognize and respect the rarity of the Green Astronaut Blooket, further enhancing its value in the game.

Comparison with Other Colored Astronauts

The Green Astronaut is part of a collection of colored astronauts within the game. These colored astronauts, including the Red Astronaut, Blue Astronaut, and others, offer players a variety of unique cosmetic options. However, each colored astronaut has its own specific unlock requirements and availability.

Compared to the other colored astronauts, the Green Astronaut Blooket stands out as one of the rarest. With its low drop rate and exclusive Sunday availability, it presents a greater challenge for players to acquire. This rarity makes the Green Astronaut a highly coveted and distinctive cosmetic item among players.


The Green Astronaut is a prized cosmetic item in the game, known for its rarity and exclusivity. Unlocking this Chroma blook requires players to obtain the Space Box, which has a 0.05% drop rate on Sundays. Getting the Green Astronaut demands a combination of luck and dedication, as players need to invest time and effort into acquiring this coveted item. Once obtained, the Green Astronaut Blooket becomes a symbol of prestige and showcases the player’s commitment to the game.


Can the Green Astronaut be obtained on any day other than Sunday?

No, the Green Astronaut can only be obtained from the Space Box on Sundays.

Are there any ways to increase the drop rate of the Green Astronaut?

While there are no direct methods to increase the drop rate, players can increase their luck through special in-game events or collaborations with other players.

Can I trade or sell the Green Astronaut to other players?

Depending on the game’s mechanics, trading or selling the Green Astronaut Blooket may be possible. However, it is important to consult the game’s guidelines and policies regarding in-game transactions.

Are there alternative methods to unlock the Green Astronaut?

No, the Green Astronaut can only be unlocked from the Space Box on Sundays. It cannot be obtained through any other means.

Are there any future plans to make the Green Astronaut more accessible?

Game developers may introduce new events or updates that could potentially provide alternative methods or opportunities to obtain the Green Astronaut. It is advisable to stay updated with the game’s official announcements and community channels for any such changes.

Can I use the Green Astronaut in all game modes?

Yes, once unlocked, the Green Astronaut Blooket can be used in all game modes where the Astronaut character is available.

Are there any other cosmetic items exclusive to the Space Box?

Yes, the Space Box contains various rare cosmetic items apart from the Green Astronaut. It offers players a chance to obtain unique and sought-after collectibles.

Can I increase my chances of obtaining the Space Box itself?

The Space Box may have its own requirements or conditions for players to obtain it. It is advisable to explore in-game activities or events that offer opportunities to acquire the Space Box.

Are there any achievements or rewards associated with obtaining the Green Astronaut?

Depending on the game’s features, there may be achievements or rewards associated with obtaining the Green Astronaut. These achievements can serve as milestones to showcase a player’s progress and dedication in the game.

Can I showcase my Green Astronaut to other players?

Yes, displaying the Green Astronaut Blooket to other players is a great way to showcase your rare and exclusive cosmetic item. It can generate admiration and respect from fellow players who understand its rarity and significance.

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