Teal Platypus Blooket

In the world of gaming, there are various collectibles that players strive to obtain. One such coveted item is The Teal Platypus Blooket, a Chroma blook.

Teal Platypus Blooket

With its distinct appearance and extreme rarity, this blook holds a special place among collectors. In this article, we will delve into the details of The Teal Platypus, exploring its origins, rarity, and market value.

What is a Chroma Blook?

Chroma blooks are unique and highly sought-after items in the gaming community. These blooks feature vibrant and eye-catching color variations, adding a touch of exclusivity to a player’s collection. Chroma blooks often possess enhanced attributes or cosmetic changes, making them highly desirable among gamers.

The Rarity of The Teal Platypus

Among the various Chroma blooks available, The Teal Platypus Blooket stands out as the rarest blook in the Outback Pack. It boasts an exquisite teal color that captures the attention of collectors worldwide. Obtaining The Teal Platypus is no easy feat, as it is extremely hard to acquire.

Teal Platypus Blooket
Drop Rate0.03%
Obtain FromOutback Pack

Unlocking The Teal Platypus Chroma Blook

The Outback Pack and Drop Rate

The Teal Platypus Chroma blook can only be unlocked through the Outback Pack. This pack contains a selection of exclusive items and blooks, including the highly sought-after Teal Platypus. However, the drop rate for The Teal Platypus is remarkably low, standing at a mere 0.03%. This means that acquiring this Chroma blook requires persistence and luck.

Obtaining The Teal Platypus Blooket

To obtain The Teal Platypus Blooket, players must open Outback Packs until they are fortunate enough to receive this elusive blook. The rarity of The Teal Platypus adds to its desirability, as only a select few players can claim ownership of this prized collectible.

Teal Platypus Blooket

Notable Features of The Teal Platypus

The Teal Platypus possesses unique characteristics that make it an exceptional addition to any collection. Its stunning teal hue is accentuated by intricate details, showcasing the craftsmanship that went into designing this Chroma blook. Owning The Teal Platypus allows players to display their discerning taste and dedication to the game.

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Market Value of The Teal Platypus Chroma Blook

Selling Price and Tokens

Currently, the market value of The Teal Platypus Blooket stands at a remarkable 300 tokens per blook. This high selling price reflects the rarity and desirability of this exclusive Chroma blook. Collectors who are fortunate enough to acquire The Teal Platypus can potentially earn a substantial profit by selling it to other players who are eager to add it to their own collections.

Rarity Comparison

Within the Outback Pack, The Teal Platypus reigns supreme as the rarest blook available. Its scarcity makes it a highly coveted item, sought after by dedicated collectors and enthusiasts. In fact, The Teal Platypus is the second rarest obtainable chroma blook, surpassed only by the elusive Rainbow Panda. Owning The Teal Platypus sets players apart from the crowd and elevates their status within the gaming community.


The Teal Platypus is not just a chroma blook; it is a symbol of rarity and exclusivity. Its stunning teal color, combined with its scarcity, makes it a highly sought-after collectible among gaming enthusiasts. Unlocking this chroma blook through the Outback Pack with its incredibly low drop rate is an achievement in itself. As players showcase their Teal Platypus Blooket, they demonstrate their dedication and perseverance in the pursuit of rare and unique items.


How can I obtain The Teal Platypus Chroma blook?

The Teal Platypus can be obtained by opening Outback Packs, with a low drop rate of 0.03%.

What makes The Teal Platypus special?

The Teal Platypus is the rarest blook in the Outback Pack, boasting a distinct teal color and exceptional rarity.

How much can I sell The Teal Platypus for?

The Teal Platypus can be sold for 300 tokens, reflecting its high market value.

Is The Teal Platypus featured in any game modes?

Currently, The Teal Platypus is not featured in any game modes.

Which chroma blook is rarer than The Teal Platypus?

The Rainbow Panda is the only chroma blook rarer than The Teal Platypus within the Outback Pack.

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