Top 3 Blooket Bot Flooder Methods 2023

Are you bored with playing Blooket and losing? Do you plan on using illegal means to move up the rankings? The Blooket Bot Flooder should be your first and only stop. What is the Blooket Bot Flooder? How does it function? What are the effects of using it? All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

What is Blooket?

It’s important to understand what Blooket is before getting into the Blooket Bot Flooder. Blooket is a platform allowing educators to create their own video games in order to engage their university students in interactive education. All the way from mathematics and technology to history and literature, there’s a game for that. Play them in class or at home.

What is the Blooket Bot Flooder?

The Blooket Bot Flooder is a device that permits customers to flood Blooket video games with bots, artificially inflating their ratings and making it nearly impossible for other players to win. The tool changed into created via a set of hackers and has been making waves within the Blooket community.

How does the Blooket Bot Flooder unblocked work?

The Blooket Bot Flooder works by automating the manner of joining and gambling Blooket video games. Users definitely input the code for the game they want to flood, pick out the quantity of bots they need to add, and let the device do the rest. The bots will be part of the sport and solution questions at a rapid pace, quickly racking up factors for the consumer.

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Why is the Blooket Bot Flooder debatable?

Using the Blooket Bot Flooder is considered dishonest by using the Blooket network, and might bring about a user being banned from the web site. Additionally, flooding games with bots takes faraway from the instructional fee of the video games, because it’s now not a fair competition among students.

How can I avoid the Blooket Bot Flooder?

The best way to keep away from the Blooket Bot Flooder is to play games with depended on buddies or classmates, and to record any suspicious activity to the Blooket crew. Additionally, teachers can permit sure capabilities, including two-step verification, to make it extra difficult for bots to sign up for their video games.

What are the consequences of the use of the Blooket Bot Flooder?

Using the Blooket Bot Flooder can result in a person being banned from the site, because it violates Blooket’s terms of carrier. Additionally, the use of the device goes in opposition to the spirit of truthful opposition and can negatively impact the educational value of the games.

How can Blooket prevent using the Bot Flooder?

Blooket can prevent the use of the Bot Flooder by way of enforcing stricter security features, inclusive of IP tracking and CAPTCHA verification. They can also work to enhance their reporting machine, making it simpler for customers to file suspicious activity.

How to Flood Blooket Game Session with bots? 

Are you tired of playing Blooket games with just a few friends and want to make it more exciting by adding a flood of bots? Look no further because our expert hacking team has personally tested and found the best method to flood your Blooket game session with bots.


Github is a popular platform that provides javascripts to hack gaming features, and it also offers a javascript that you can use to flood your Blooket game session with bots. The best part? It’s safe and easy to use!

Follow these simple steps to flood your Blooket game session with bots using Github:

  • Step 1: Join a Blooket game session as you normally would by going to
  • Step 2: Get the Blooket bot flooder script from Github. Here’s the link:
  • Step 3: Copy the javascript and go to the Blooket play lobby. Erase everything from the URL bar and type “javascript:” followed by pasting the code without any spaces.
  • Step 4: Hit enter to run the bookmarklet. You should see pop-up boxes asking for the game pin, name of bots, and the number of bots you want to add.
  • Step 5: Enter the required details and hit enter. Once you do that, go to the Blooket host’s page, and you will see the specified number of bots has joined the game.
  • Step 6: Congratulations! Your Blooket game has been flooded with bots.


Using Github to flood your Blooket game session with bots is an easy and safe method that can add excitement to your gaming experience. Try it out and let us know how it goes! However, we must remind you to use this method responsibly and not abuse it by flooding games where it is not wanted.

Method 2: Using GrantStahr/Blooket-Flooder

Are you tired of playing Blooket games with just a few friends? Do you want to make your game sessions more exciting and challenging? Well, you’re in luck because we have found a solution for you! The GrantStahr Blooket Bot Flooder is a third-party website that can help you send an infinite number of bots to your Blooket game session within seconds. And the best part? You don’t need to know any JavaScript or any other programming language.

This Blooket bot flooder is safe to use and undetectable, which means it won’t get your account banned. And in this article, we’ll guide you on how to flood your Blooket game session with bots using this amazing tool.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Host a Blooket Quiz First, go to and select a quiz that you want to play. Once you’ve done that, host the quiz to generate a game pin. You can invite your friends to join the game by sharing the game pin with them.
  2. Access the GrantStahr Blooket Bot Flooder Once you have the game pin, you need to access the GrantStahr Blooket Bot Flooder on You can find the website by searching for it on your preferred search engine.
  3. Load the Flooder After you access the website, wait for it to load completely. You’ll know it’s ready to use when you see the green “Run” button on the screen.
  4. Enter the Game Pin Copy the game pin from your Blooket game session and paste it into the GrantStahr Blooket Bot Flooder. After that, enter the number of bots that you want to send to your game session. You can choose any bot name you like.
  5. Hit Enter Once you’ve entered all the details, hit the Enter key. The GrantStahr Blooket Bot Flooder will then start sending bots to your game session.
  6. Check Your Game Session After the bots have been sent, go to the host’s page to check that your game session is flooding with bots.

In conclusion, using the GrantStahr Blooket Bot Flooder is an excellent way to make your Blooket game sessions more exciting and challenging. With just a few simple steps, you can send an infinite number of bots to your game session without the need for any programming skills. Try it out today and let the fun begin!

Method 3: Using Schoolcheats Website

In our opinion, Schoolcheats website provides the best Blooket bot flooder software that works every time flawlessly. This website offers a safe and untraceable bot flooder that even your teacher won’t know you’re using. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Generate a Game Pin/Code on Blooket Website

To start, go to the Blooket website and generate a game pin/code. You can do this by creating a game or joining an existing one.

Step 2: Access Schoolcheats Website

Next, open another tab and go to

Step 3: Enter Game Pin/Code, Bot Name, and Amount of Bots

Once on the Schoolcheats website, enter the game pin/code in the “Room Code” section. Then, choose the name of the bot you wish to use and enter the amount of bots you want to send to your game session. Finally, hit “Continue.”

Step 4: Flood Your Game with Bots

After completing step 3, go to the Blooket host page, and you’ll see the specified number of bots adding there. Congratulations, you’ve completed the hack! You can try this anytime and flood your game with bots to win the session.

Final Thoughts

Using a bot flooder hack is not a legitimate way to win a game, and we don’t encourage cheating. However, we understand that some students may feel pressured to win and may resort to using hacks. If you’re going to use a bot flooder, we recommend using Schoolcheats for a safe and easy experience. Remember, the best way to win is by studying and learning the material.


In conclusion, the Blooket Bot Flooder is a controversial device that lets in customers to cheat their manner to the pinnacle of the leaderboards on the Blooket website. While it could be tempting to apply this tool, it’s critical to recollect that it goes in opposition to the spirit of honest competition and might negatively impact the instructional price of the video games.

The methods defined above must have supplied you with a few steerage on the way to utilise the Blooket bot flooders correctly. You may additionally easily hack Blooket on your own using the Blooket flooder approach.

If you run into problem at the same time as trying to follow the directions, you are welcome to ask for assistance from friends, a reputable enterprise, or us in the comment field underneath.

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