Black Astronaut Blooket

The Black Astronaut Blooket is a rare Chroma variant of the default Astronaut skin in the game. This exclusive skin cannot be accessed by default and must be unlocked by obtaining it from the Space Pack.

However, there is only a mere 0.05% chance of it dropping, making it quite challenging to acquire. If you manage to obtain it, you can sell it for a decent 300 tokens.

As with other Chroma astronauts, the Black Astronaut is simply a recolored version of the original Astronaut skin, with the only difference being its color. This unique skin can only be acquired on Wednesdays by opening the Space Box, and it is not available in any game modes.

In Battle Royale and Blook Rush, this particular skin is known as “Black Crewmates”, and it is a popular choice among players who have managed to obtain it.

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How to Get the Black Astronaut in Blooket

Drop Rate0.05%
Obtain FromSpace Box

You Can Get The Black Astronaut Blooket from the Space Pack. as astronaut blooket it is an Legendary blook It can be unlocked through the Space Box only and You Have only 0.05% Chance to Get it. The Space Pack Cost you around 300 Tokens and One thing to Remember You will get Black Astronaut Blooket only on Wednesday From the Space Box. Go and Try Your Luck. Want to Know about Top 22 Rarest Blooket.

How rare is the black astronaut blooket?

What you think how rare is the black astronaut blooket? I tell you as You have only 0.05% of Chance to get it. Take a look to the above video will help you to understand more to get the Blooket.

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