The Orange Astronaut Blooket, a rare Chroma blook, may be found in only 0.05% of boxes. This blook is exclusive to the Space Box, and is only available on Thursdays.

It’s strange that it doesn’t appear in any other game modes. If you manage to get hold of this rare blook, you may call your squad the “Orange Crewmates” in Battle Royale. It pays a decent 300 tokens when sold.

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How to Get the Orange Astronaut in Blooket

Drop Rate0.05%
Obtain FromSpace Box

You Can Get The Orange Astronaut Blooket from the Space Pack. as astronaut blooket it is an Legendary blook It can be unlocked through the Space Box only and You Have only 0.05% Chance to Get it. The Space Pack Cost you around 300 Tokens and One thing to Remember You will get Orange Astronaut Blooket only on Thursday From the Space Box.

How rare is the Orange Astronaut Blooket?

What you think how rare is the Orange astronaut blook? I tell you as You have only 0.05% of Chance to get it. Take a look to the above video will help you to understand more to get the Blooket.

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