Astronaut Blooket: A Legendary Blook with a Stellar Rarity

You may be familiar with the Astronaut Blooket if you’re a fan of Blooket, a well-known online educational game. Unlike the other blooks, this renowned blook is not easily accessible. We’ll be looking at the Astronaut Blooket and discussing its special properties, such as its rarity, how to get it, and its several forms.

Astronaut Blooket

What is the Astronaut Blooket?

In Blooket, a game that teaches kids while they have fun, the Astronaut is a Legendary blook. In-game Blooks may be purchased, sold, and bartered for by players. Due to its uniqueness and one-of-a-kind appearance, the Astronaut Blook is among the game’s most prized blooks.

How to Obtain the Astronaut Blooket?

The Astronaut Blook is not one of the game’s starting blooks. Instead, a box must be used to unlock the door. The Astronaut Blook may be obtained by purchasing a Space Box, one of the rarer items in the game (chance of finding it inside: 0.45%). The Astronaut Blook may be sold for 200 tokens after you have acquired it.

Astronaut Blook Blooket
Drop Rate0.45%
Obtain FromSpace Box

Astronaut Blooket List

Chroma Astronauts are a part of Astronaut Blookets that come in a variety of colors. These versions are even more uncommon than the standard Astronaut Blook since they are only available on certain days of the week. Buying the Space Box provides a 0.05 percent chance of revealing the Chroma Astronauts. Keep in mind that the colorful astronauts aren’t the game’s rarest non-limited time blooks.

List of Astronaut Blooks:

Why is the Astronaut Blooket So Popular?

Due to its rarity and unique appearance, the Astronaut Blooket is among the most popular blooks in the game. Those lucky enough to get the Astronaut Blook can claim that they have one of the game’s most coveted blooks. The Astronaut Blook is also visually appealing and exciting to use, making it a hit with players of all ages.


A popular blook in Blooket, the Astronaut is only available from the Space Box. For 200 tokens, it may be yours with a 0.45% chance of unlocking. The Astronaut Blook comes in various different colors, each of which is much more rare than the original. The Astronaut Blook is desired by many players for its unique look and the feeling of success it represents, despite the fact that it is very hard to earn.


How can I increase my chances of obtaining the Astronaut Blooket?

There is currently not a guaranteed way to improve the probability of earning the Astronaut Blook. However, you may improve your odds of gaining access to the Astronaut Blook by acquiring more Space Boxes.

Can I trade the Astronaut Blooket with other players?

The Astronaut Blooket may be traded with other players. You may have trouble finding a suitable trade partner since the Astronaut Blooket is one of the rarest blooks in the game.

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