Blooket Meteor

The world of gaming is full of rare and powerful creatures, each with its own set of abilities and unique characteristics. In the vast expanse of the virtual universe, one such extraordinary entity stands out: Meteor. As an Uncommon Blook, Meteor isn’t readily available to players, but unlocking its potential can greatly impact gameplay. In this article, we delve into the fascinating realm of Meteor, exploring its unlock method, statistics, and the tremendous advantages it offers. So gear up, fellow gamers, as we prepare to embark on a cosmic adventure to unleash the power of Meteor.

Blooket Meteor
Blooket Meteor

Factory Stats: Enhancing Meteor’s Cosmic Potential

Meteor Blooket is not your average blook; it belongs to the exclusive Space pack/set. This means that its capabilities can be further boosted by combining it with other Blooks from the same pack/set. The Space pack/set, with its synergistic effects, allows Meteor to reach new heights and unleash devastating attacks upon its foes. But before we delve into the pack/set mechanics, let’s first understand the base stats of Blooket Meteor.

With a formidable base stat of 23k every 5 seconds, Meteor possesses a substantial offensive capability. This firepower, coupled with its unique abilities, makes Meteor a force to be reckoned with in the gaming universe. Whether you’re engaging in intense battles or conquering challenging quests, Meteor’s base stats lay the foundation for an extraordinary gaming experience.

Importance of Meteor: Unleashing Cosmic Power

Meteor Blooket
Meteor Blooket
Drop Rate18.75%
Obtain FromSpace Box
Game ModeFactory

Why should you be interested in obtaining Meteor Blooket? What sets it apart from other Blooks? Well, dear gamers, the answer lies in the exceptional advantages and abilities Meteor brings to the table. Its cosmic power allows players to dominate adversaries, obliterate obstacles, and stand out among their peers.

Meteor’s unique abilities, such as celestial bombardment and gravitational distortion, turn the tides of battle in your favor. Picture yourself unleashing a meteor shower upon your enemies, reducing their defenses to rubble. With Meteor by your side, victory becomes an achievable reality.

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Unlocking the Power of Blooket Meteor

To harness the power of Meteor, players must first unlock this extraordinary blook. Meteor is not readily available by default; it remains locked until you obtain it through the elusive Space Box. The Space Box holds the key to unleashing the cosmic might of Meteor and embarking on a celestial journey like no other.

Opening the Space Box requires strategy and a bit of luck. The drop rate of Meteor from the Space Box stands at 18.75%. This means that with each attempt to obtain Meteor Blooket, you have an 18.75% chance of success. The rarity of this blook adds to its allure and makes acquiring it a thrilling endeavor.

To increase your chances of unlocking Meteor, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Engage in focused gameplay: Concentrate your efforts on activities that provide opportunities to obtain the Space Box, such as completing challenging quests or participating in special events.
  2. Join forces with fellow gamers: Collaborate with other players to tackle challenging missions together. By combining your skills and resources, you can enhance your chances of obtaining the coveted Space Box and unlocking Meteor.
  3. Explore in-game marketplaces: Keep an eye on in-game marketplaces or trading platforms where players may sell or trade Meteor. While rare, there might be opportunities to acquire this powerful blook from other players.
Meteor Blook
Meteor Blook

Selling and Trading Meteor Blooket: A Valuable Asset

If luck favors you and you manage to unlock Meteor Blooket, you’ll find yourself in possession of a valuable asset. Meteor can be sold within the game for 5 tokens, solidifying its worth and providing you with an opportunity to earn rewards or invest in other rare items.

Additionally, Meteor holds trading potential. Some players may be willing to exchange valuable items or resources for this sought-after blook. Exploring trading opportunities not only allows you to expand your inventory but also opens doors to unique collaborations and interactions within the gaming community.

Boosting Meteor’s Stats: Unleashing its Full Potential

While Blooket Meteor’s base stats are already impressive, its true potential lies in its compatibility with other Blooks from the Space pack/set. By strategically combining Meteor with other Blooks belonging to the same pack/set, you can unlock synergistic effects and further enhance its stats.

Consider experimenting with various combinations to find the most optimal setup that suits your playstyle. Whether it’s bolstering Meteor’s offensive capabilities, fortifying its defenses, or enhancing its support abilities, the Space pack/set offers a plethora of options to unleash the full cosmic potential of Meteor.


In the realm of gaming, few entities can rival the power and allure of Blooket Meteor. As an Uncommon Blook, Meteor captivates players with its unique abilities and formidable base stats. Unlocking this extraordinary creature through the Space Box is a challenging but rewarding quest that adds excitement to your gaming experience. Once obtained, Meteor becomes a valuable asset that can be sold or traded, further enriching your gameplay. So gear up, embrace the cosmic adventure, and unleash the stellar power of Meteor Blooket in your gaming journey.


Can Meteor be obtained without unlocking it through the Space Box?

No, Meteor is exclusively unlocked through the Space Box. It cannot be obtained by any other means within the game.

What are the other Blooks in the Space pack/set?

The Space pack/set consists of various powerful Blooks, each with its own unique characteristics. Exploring the pack/set allows you to discover a range of interplay options with Meteor.

Are there any alternative methods to increase the drop rate of Meteor?

At present, the drop rate of Meteor from the Space Box remains constant. However, engaging in activities that grant a higher chance of obtaining the Space Box can indirectly increase your odds of unlocking Meteor.

Can Meteor be traded for other valuable items in the game?

Absolutely! Meteor holds significant trading value within the game. Players may be willing to offer rare items, resources, or even other high-tier Blooks in exchange for Meteor, making it an attractive asset for trading.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of Meteor during gameplay?

To unleash the full potential of Meteor, consider combining it with other Blooks from the Space pack/set. This synergy boosts Meteor’s stats and allows you to utilize its unique abilities to dominate battles and overcome challenges.

Is Meteor available in all game modes?

Yes, once unlocked, Meteor can be utilized in various game modes, including PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player). Its cosmic power knows no boundaries.

Can the drop rate of Meteor change in future game updates?

Game developers may introduce updates or events that alter the drop rates of certain Blooks, including Meteor. Stay tuned to official announcements and patch notes for any changes to Meteor’s drop rate.

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