Blooket Space Pack

The Space Pack is a sought-after collection of blooks that will take you on an intergalactic adventure like no other. Priced at 20 tokens, this pack offers incredible value for its cost, especially when compared to its previous price of 25 tokens before the release of the Bot Pack in May 2021.

Rare Blooks in the Space Pack

One of the most enticing aspects of the Space Pack is the chance to acquire the rare Chroma Colored Astronauts. These captivating blooks have a drop rate of just 0.05%, making them the most elusive treasures in the pack. With their stunning colors, the Chroma Colored Astronauts add a touch of cosmic beauty to any collection. It’s important to note that the Colored Astronaut rotation changes daily as the week progresses, ensuring that every day brings new opportunities to obtain these extraordinary blooks.

Easy-to-Obtain Blooks

If you’re looking for blooks that are easier to acquire but still boast an impressive appeal, the Space Pack has you covered. The pack offers four Uncommons with a drop rate of 18.75%. These Uncommons provide a solid foundation for any blook collection and are a great way to get started on your cosmic journey.

Space Pack
Space Pack

Blooket Space Pack List

Here is the list of All Blooket Space Pack Blooks.

  1. Earth
  2. Meteor
  3. Stars
  4. Alien
  5. Planet
  6. UFO
  7. Spaceship
  8. Astronaut
  9. Red Astronaut
  10. Green Astronaut
  11. Pink Astronaut
  12. Orange Astronaut
  13. Yellow Astronaut
  14. Black Astronaut
  15. Brown Astronaut
  16. Cyan Astronaut
  17. Lime Astronaut
  18. Rainbow Astronaut
  19. Blue Astronaut
  20. Purple Astronaut
  21. Tim the Alien
  22. Lovely Planet

Mysticals in the Space Pack

The Space Pack stands out from other packs as it contains not just one, but two Mysticals. These Mysticals, namely Rainbow Astronaut and Tim The Alien, were awarded from special events and hold significant value in the blook trading community. Owning these Mysticals not only adds rarity to your collection but also enhances its overall uniqueness.

Space Box
Space Box

Comparison with Other Packs

When comparing the Space Pack to other available packs, it’s evident that this pack offers a distinctive experience. While each pack has its own allure, the Space Pack shines with its exclusive blooks, particularly the rare Chroma Colored Astronauts and the coveted Mysticals. These features make it a must-have for avid collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Benefits of the Space Pack

Investing in the Space Pack brings forth several benefits. Firstly, the pack offers a selection of blooks that cannot be found elsewhere, ensuring that your collection stands out from the crowd. Secondly, the cost of 20 tokens provides excellent value, especially when considering the rarity and uniqueness of the blooks contained within. By choosing the Space Pack, you’ll embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos, backed by a collection of remarkable blooks.


The Space Pack offers an unparalleled experience in the world of blooks. With its rare Chroma Colored Astronauts, easy-to-obtain Uncommons, and exclusive Mysticals, this pack is a treasure trove for collectors. Priced at just 20 tokens, it provides excellent value and promises to elevate your blook collection to new celestial heights. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the cosmic adventure that the Space Pack offers.

In conclusion, the Space Pack is a must-have for blook collectors who are eager to explore the vastness of the universe. With its rare Chroma Colored Astronauts, easily obtainable Uncommons, and exclusive Mysticals, this pack provides a unique and valuable addition to any collection. Priced at 20 tokens, it offers excellent value for the treasures it holds. Embrace the wonders of the cosmos and unlock a galaxy of excitement with the Space Pack.


What is the cost of the Space Pack?

The Space Pack is priced at 20 tokens, providing great value for the blooks it contains.

What are the rarest blooks in the Space Pack?

The rarest blooks in the Space Pack are the Chroma Colored Astronauts, which have a 0.05% drop rate.

Are there any easy-to-obtain blooks in the Space Pack?

Yes, the Space Pack offers four Uncommons with an 18.75% drop rate, making them easier to obtain.

How many Mysticals are there in the Space Pack?

The Space Pack contains two Mysticals: Rainbow Astronaut and Tim The Alien.

Can I find these blooks in any other packs?

No, the Space Pack is the only pack where you can find the rare Chroma Colored Astronauts and the Mysticals.

What makes the Space Pack special compared to other packs?

The Space Pack stands out with its unique blooks, including the rare Chroma Colored Astronauts and exclusive Mysticals.

Is the Space Pack worth the investment?

Absolutely! With its diverse range of blooks and reasonable price, the Space Pack offers great value for collectors.

Can I trade the blooks from the Space Pack with other collectors?

Yes, the blooks from the Space Pack can be traded with other collectors, allowing you to expand and diversify your collection.

Are the Chroma Colored Astronauts available every day?

The Chroma Colored Astronauts in the Space Pack rotate daily, offering different color variations as the week progresses.

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