Yellow Astronaut Blooket: Unlocking and Selling Tips

Are you trying to search out the elusive Yellow Astronaut Blooket in the game Blooket? As a Chroma blook, it isn’t to be had by using default and should be unlocked via the Space Pack. In this text, we can delve into the info of this unique item, such as the way to attain it, its rarity, and its value.

What is the Yellow Astronaut Blooket?

Yellow Astronaut Blooket

The Yellow Astronaut is a Chroma blook in the famous online game Blooket. It is a unique variation of the same old Astronaut blook and functions a yellow colour scheme. This object is simplest to be had thru the Space Pack, which ought to be bought the usage of tokens or actual money. Unlike the standard Astronaut blook, the Yellow Astronaut isn’t always available by default.

How to Unlock the Yellow Astronaut Blooket

To unencumber the Yellow Astronaut Blooket, you have to purchase the Space Pack in Blooket. This % carries numerous items, such as the one of a kind Chroma blook. However, the Space Pack is handiest available on Tuesdays, making the Yellow Astronaut a mainly rare item.

Rarity and Value of the Yellow Astronaut Blooket

The Yellow Astronaut Blooket is one of the rarest gadgets in Blooket, with a drop fee of most effective 0.05%. This method that for every 2000 Space Packs bought, most effective one Yellow Astronaut Blooket might be received. Due to its rarity, the Yellow Astronaut is highly valued amongst Blooket gamers. It can be sold for three hundred tokens, making it one of the most treasured Chroma blooks to be had.

Tips for Selling the Yellow Astronaut Blooket

If you’re lucky enough to attain the Yellow Astronaut Blooket, you will be questioning the way to get the most cost out of it. Here are a few hints for promoting this rare item:

  • Wait for the right time: The price of the Yellow Astronaut might also differ relying on market demand. Keep a watch at the Blooket marketplace and wait for a time when the object is in excessive call for to get the excellent charge.
  • Set a truthful fee: While the Yellow Astronaut is an extraordinary item, it’s far important to set a honest fee to draw capacity shoppers. Consider the modern marketplace fee and the rarity of the object whilst determining a fee.
  • Promote your listing: Make certain your listing sticks out via promoting it on social media or different Blooket-related systems. This will increase visibility and doubtlessly entice greater consumers.
Yellow Astronaut Blooket
Drop Rate0.05%
Obtain FromSpace Box


The Yellow Astronaut Blooket is a fantastically sought-after object in the game Blooket, with its different Chroma design and rarity. Obtaining this object requires shopping the Space Pack, that’s most effective to be had on Tuesdays. Once obtained, the Yellow Astronaut can be bought for 300 tokens, making it a valuable asset in the sport.


What is a Chroma blook?

A Chroma blook is a variation of a standard blook that features a unique color scheme.

How do I unlock the Yellow Astronaut Blooket?

The Yellow Astronaut can only be unlocked by purchasing the Space Pack in Blooket. This pack is only available on Tuesdays.

What is the drop rate for the Yellow Astronaut Blooket?

The Yellow Astronaut Blooket has a drop rate of 0.05%.

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